Foresight: A ‘Fairness Formula’ for Bankruptcy?

Governor Chris Christie continued his tour of the state in South Jersey, in order to campaign for his “Fairness Formula” which seeks to abolish the current system of educational funding, and instead provide just over $6,500 per student throughout the entire state. The Governor claims that this formula will allow the suburbs to greatly reduce… Read More Foresight: A ‘Fairness Formula’ for Bankruptcy?

Our Next Recession

Surely, I am not an economist. However, I do pay attention to news events, all while pairing them with millennial experiences. The media is beginning to notice similar economic trends that the nation experienced before the 2008 housing bubble burst, triggering the 2008 Recession. This time, it may come by way of irresponsible sub-prime car loans. John… Read More Our Next Recession

Bad Night for Democracy in Cherry Hill

It truly began as a promising evening of civic engagement with local government officials. The town council meeting in Cherry Hill on Monday night was packed to capacity with a rough guess of three hundred residents filling council chambers. It was a standing room only event. Residents offered public comment in opposition to ordinance 2016-13, which… Read More Bad Night for Democracy in Cherry Hill

The South Jersey Report’s Brian K. Everett Featured in Courier Post

The Report’s Chief Blogger has been featured in an Op-Ed with the Courier Post. The article features the findings of Courier Post columnist Pheadra Trethan about addiction and recovery in South Jersey, as well as policy research. Take a look! Source:  

Christie’s Lawyer fees in NJ Tuition Dollars

One of the missions of The South Jersey Report is to find ways to engage millennials in the political process and encourage the generation to join political discussions. This is an effort to do just that, by comparing the rather drawn out, by-now-boring story of Governor Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal, to an ever-important millennial issue… Read More Christie’s Lawyer fees in NJ Tuition Dollars