The South Jersey Report is designed to be a weekly review of various current events and political news pertinent to the Southern New Jersey community. The SJ Report also publishes original research on occasion, mostly in hopes of better understanding poverty. Ideas for potential legislation are regularly considered here for both the State of New Jersey, and the City of Camden. Lawmakers are encouraged to copy such posts.

The SJ Report is a non-partisan website. All views stem from a lengthy thought process, evidence, and individual foresight. The author has been published on both liberal and conservative websites, as well as the New Jersey Law Journal, and other regional newspapers.

The SJ Report is unique, being that it is designed for millennials to read so that we may better engage in the political process, all while attempting to shed light on several crushing realities that exist beneath the headlines of major news outlets.

Thanks for visiting,

-Brian K. Everett

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  1. Thank you Brian, and deepest condolences for you and your family. Your love and commitment are obvious. I certainly look forward to more of your posts and rest assured we are working together. Be well, love big, and be a friend of Truth.

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