My Door is Open

When Barack Obama was reelected President in 2012, I was very vocal about how counterproductive it was to instantly declare the nation to be doomed due to four more Obama years.

Now that Donald Trump, in real life, is America’s President-elect, I again caution against a belief of instant doom. America needs to work together, and by rejecting the new leader before he steps foot into the White House is obstructionist, and I’m overly exhausted from 8 entire years of obstructionism, and open calls to, “make him fail”.

I’m frightened for sure. I know that I feel a certain way, and I will never fully understand how minority groups of all kinds now feel. I need to recognize that it is a different, and all legitimate feeling of fear.

In 2012, people believed that the nation was doomed, largely over differences in opinions over policy, and mostly economic policy. This year, the feeling of doom has not much to do with policy ideals, because the nation failed to ever discuss policy with the candidates. The entire election was the exact metaphor, “but he said, and then she said”. This year, the feeling of doom has to do with individuals having legitimate fears for their safety and rights as Americans. The racism that we saw in rallies, the rejection of opposing ideals due to origins, the false perceptions made in to real beliefs, were all legitimized yesterday, and that is why many fear for themselves and their neighbors.

We must never hope for our President, no matter who it is, to fail. If the President fails, America fails. But we must obstruct any attacks on human rights as they come forward. We have American, human rights, to be treated equally, to remain unharmed, to love who we love, and this nation must never allow any rhetoric to infringe on these human rights.

My job is to mentor college students. And that is what I did today. Student’s came to talk about nonsense; neither about the election or school. It was an opportunity for them to get away from a screen and avoid overhearing repetitive reactions, similar to theirs.

It is not exactly a fear of Trump, but more so a fear of a now-empowered few who have prided themselves in a patriotic stupor with publicly rejecting those who look or think or love differently than them.

For now, I must continue to be a mentor until the dust settles, and security can be assured for all in this new world. It is my job, and it is what is right nonetheless.

My door is open.

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