Memes Versus Reality

It’s a political year in America, and in 2016, much more of our population has now become internet savvy. By that, I mean, more folks have learned how to navigate the web, via Google and Facebook.

What’s frustrating to some, myself especially, is the new phenomenon sweeping all generations; memes being taken as facts.

Memes use to be wonderful mediums for conveying sarcastic points, but it really seems as though the internet could use a heavy bout of spring cleaning in order to get rid of the many examples of plain inaccuracy.


It’s actually horrifying. Some memes have been produced by incredibly biased and partisan entities, and have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media, with many of the sharers using these word-plastered images as authoritative facts.

Sure, sometimes memes are so clearly inaccurate that one has to assume that it was created for the sake of humor. However, I’m sure we can all instantly recall a dozen or more examples of pure propaganda.

This issue between meme versus fact could be viewed as a key indicator for how our presidential election has become what it is this year. Make your own assumptions as to what I mean…

Because of these memes, it is so important to remain hopeful for our future generations. Millennials were the first to be raised with the internet and hand-held devices, so they know how to do so much more than social media. Millennials, and the generations that come afterwards, will be equipped en masse with digital literacy, and will hopefully be able to navigate the many threads of lies, and sheer garbage, in order to ask key questions in order to determine what the real facts are.

Sometimes, memes are simply playing to our emotions and preconceived beliefs. All of us need to get better at asking questions in order to make sure that inaccuracies are not exacerbated into becoming “fact”.



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