EVERETT: Why I Website

This may in fact be chicken soup for the angry post-college, twenty-something soul in a presidential election year.

Because of several extreme media stories over the last few weeks, largely due to the end of both national political conventions, there has been a rather gross amount of negativity and sheer carelessness on social media by my fellow young people. Of course, the youngsters are not the only culprits, and not everything has been about politics either! I grabbed my popcorn and watched seemingly endless Facebook fights about best parenting practices, belittling others for playing Pokémon GO, and even whether or not Hip-Hop is still real. Now, let me explain why I decided to create my own website three years ago.

I was constantly creating these kinds of inflammatory Facebook posts about politics, or current events. I was certain that my point of view, if not correct, truly carried some weight in terms of making an argument. Eventually, no matter how obvious this should have been, I realized that anybody could easily disagree with my opinion, and begin an endless rabbit hole of Facebook bickering and link sharing. What’s worse, is that I realized that tons of people were viewing these things even if they were not commenting. Again, obvious, but not so important while trying to be young and right.

People unfriended me. I was “too political”. I “changed in college”. Well, yes, I did.

I created my website because of a few reasons. To start, it is very easy to simply scroll past an article and change almost no opinion towards a person’s character, while it’s tougher to do that when there are paragraphs upon paragraphs of opinionated vomit clogging up someone’s news feed. I also created my website because to this day, you cannot insert hyperlinks into an original Facebook post. With a personal website, embedded hyperlinks help to show that you are making a claim based upon some source, no matter how unreliable the source could be, of course…

I also created my website because I knew that I would be more conscious of what I throw out into the public eye because everything on my website belongs to me. I own it, so I need to make sure the content is thoroughly thought out and valid. Finally here, my website was born because Facebook is essentially LinkedIn, and my fellow millennials need to understand that yesterday. If your Facebook is full of overly negative content and outlooks, chances are employers have seen that too and might pass you over in a job search. Especially if your pictures are inflammatory and nowhere close to your angelically modified and filtered LinkedIn account.

To end, I want to be clear that I’ve always been a proponent for young people entering the political process, and that should continue to happen. This is quite the…volatile, election year, and recent college graduates are probably paying much more attention to current events and politics, now that we may or may not owe tens of thousands of dollars in loans. We have a lot to say, so keep on engaging in political conversations, because if we don’t talk about politics, only the few will. However, there is a proper etiquette to follow, and much of that etiquette is simply understanding how to respectfully talk to other people behind a screen instead of in person. It’s important to understand the possible repercussions of “losing your cool” in comment threads, so maybe consider creating your own web domain. There is always a time and a place for everything, and sometimes one must create their own place online.


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