Christie’s Lawyer fees in NJ Tuition Dollars

One of the missions of The South Jersey Report is to find ways to engage millennials in the political process and encourage the generation to join political discussions. This is an effort to do just that, by comparing the rather drawn out, by-now-boring story of Governor Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal, to an ever-important millennial issue such as student debt.

The facts: So far, New Jersey taxpayers are on the hook for $10 million in lawyer fees for the governor.

Understandability: $10 million divided by however many people live in New Jersey essentially boils down to each one of us NJ residents paying ~$1.11 for the Governor to pay his legal defense team. That doesn’t seem like much, but let’s think about $10 million in taxes going towards an actual public service, such as public university tuition.

If New Jersey was not forced to pick up the tab for the Governor’s lawyers, we could send 468 students to a senior public college, for a year’s worth of tuition-free education.

The average annual cost for tuition among New Jersey’s senior public colleges is $21,356.



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