Cherry Hill Mall T-Shirt Controversy Boils Over Online

On July 11th, a Cherry Hill Mall vendor video taped his interaction with a mall customer, as the customer expressed his distaste with the vendors t-shirts.

The shirts, made by TearyEyez, display the words, “This Has To Stop!”, and below the text display stick-figure graphics of two police figures beating up a non-police stick figure. Watch the video here.

Today, the owner of the kiosk took to Facebook again, this time in order to inform his viewing public that the Cherry Hill Mall ordered him to remove the shirts from his kiosk. He claims the Mall ordered him to remove the shirts because the small icon of the stick figures was viewed as “offensive”. The South Jersey Report has not confirmed those claims.

In the video, the owner says that his shirts are designed to put a stop to police brutality in general, and his shirts show no color.

The video is making ripple effects in social media. Early today, two Camden City activists also took to Facebook, calling for a boycott of the mall as they sold shirts on Park Boulevard. The founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team also took to Facebook to inform the public that she was selling shirts at her home, and stated that the owner of TearyEyez plans organize at the Cherry Hill Mall.

It is unknown if Spencer’s Gifts was also ordered to remove certain merchandise, such as the various sex toys and pornographic greeting cards, all of which may be considered “offensive”.


Recently, a Courier Post columnist tweeted a Breaking News report, saying the mall had reversed its decision.



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