Country Concert Proves Violent, Again

A stabbing occurred late Saturday night on June 4th, following the 92.5 XTU Birthday Show at the BB&T Pavillion in Camden, NJ. Last year, there was a similar incident during the same concert.

I really didn’t want to write about it this year, since I wrote about a double stabbing at the same concert last year. More than ten thousand people shared my previous article on Facebook, and it was viewed by more than 150,000 people.

I’ve chosen to write about this incident because it seems as though some people have heard about this year’s stabbing via mainstream news outlets, and are somehow finding my previous article, and they are posting new comments on the previous article as if that was the most recent stabbing. I feel that it is important for readers to realize that this is in fact the second year in a row that a stabbing has occurred at this concert.

I invite any readers of this article to recognize the following things:

  1. This concert has it’s own track record for proving to be violent, even though there are many accounts of issue-free experiences.
  2. The comments posted for my first article got real racy, real fast. And today’s most recent comment continued that unfortunate trend. Why? I really do not know! What the heck, everyone!
  3. Most concerts at the BB&T Pavilion are attended by suburban residents. I do not know of any other mass suburban gathering in the City of Camden which regularly results in violent crime such as this very concert.
  4. In this case, just as my first article argued, it is very important to separate this concert from the City of Camden, since it is not Camden residents making the trouble. This year’s stabbing, according to the Courier Post, involved two gentlemen from Ridley Park, PA.

Hopefully next year’s concert may occur issue free, or perhaps the organizers can take the ruckus to another city. May we also hope for a successful and speedy recovery for this year’s victim.  He was last reported to be in stable condition.


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