We Need Barack Obama To Be As Angry As We Are

Two days into December, 2015, and our nation is again plagued by hysteria over the airways due to yet another massacre on our own American soil. Dozens of people this time have been killed or injured in an organized attack in San Bernardino, California. This time, as the media rolls on with its non-stop coverage of the unfortunate event, the attacker(s) got away from the scene of the crime. The terrorists escaped immediate reckoning.

Before we start praying, before we start calling for reform, before the President addresses the country again, he needs to get visibly angry. We need to hear Barack Obama publicly holler at those who continue to not act. We need our President to really show that he has nothing left to lose during his final months in the Oval Office. We need Barack Obama to be as angry as we are. He needs to share the anger of millions of people across this nation.

Time and time again we disgust ourselves, collectively, with the usual dialog that follows an American mass shooting. Either, “You’re wrong because we need more guns and open carry”, or, “You’re wrong because we need more legislation that hinders gun sales and widespread obtainability”.

You know what? Neither of those two arguments matter anymore, and truthfully, they’ve never mattered. In order for either opinion to matter, things would need to be happening; something would need to be moving through Congress.

But, nothing is happening. People are still dying while living their daily lives and our elected officials continue to twiddle their thumbs until it’s time to talk to the media.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States right now, and it really is up to him to mend all of the wounds this nation currently has regarding gun violence. The cards are perfectly set for him to do so. He has just over a year left in office, he has won both of his elections, and really does not have anything to lose by taking direct action no matter how unfavorable it may appear to be. Forget about the 2016 candidates. We can’t wait any longer for any of them to be elected.

Obama needs to be mad, and assertive most importantly, right now. No more diplomatic speaking. No more “calling” for action. We need to hear alarm in his voice. We need to see his veins bulge from his forehead as he yells into a microphone. We need him to truly show that he has had enough of this SHIT, and he needs to do more than convince us that we should be fed up with it all too.

It’s time for 2008 Obama to come back to life and rally the people of this nation behind him no matter what he does, and no matter what Congress thinks. America is now officially desperately in need of something to happen, and desperately in need for the domestic terror and blood shed to end.


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