Hospital CEOs to Influence NJCD1 Race? Probably!

In a recent online video, Virtua Hospital’s President Rich Miller took to the interwebs to announce his hospital’s pending court battle over a controversial piece of NJ legislation which “legally” (for now) took EMS service responsibility in the City of Camden away from Virtua, and handed them over to Cooper Hospital. He also announced “political operatives” which have provided false accusations of Virtua’s response times in an effort to displace Virtua EMS Services from all Camden County EMS services.

It is claimed that the NJ bill, which did not follow the proper Certificate of Need process, was aimed to benefit Cooper Hospital’s Board Chairman George Norcross III, in a familiar and traditional South Jersey-esq swift power grab.

Towards the end of President Miller’s video, he highlights the fact that such a move by the NJ legislature has angered 4,000 Camden County residents, and insulted them.

George Norcross’ brother, Donald Norcross, is being challenged in 2016 for his seat in Congress by Alex Law, an anti-machine progressive democrat and millennial. Could we possibly witness a Hospital v. Hospital showdown for New Jersey’s First District Congressional seat?

Probably! Especially when big money pisses off… big money.


3 thoughts on “Hospital CEOs to Influence NJCD1 Race? Probably!

  1. Norcross rigged the election
    Norcross paid off everyone including the President, the FBI and Mob bosses

    Pray he just dies from cancer

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