The Facebook Hoax Scared The Hell Out Of Me

And it still does.

The most recent Facebook Hoax scared the hell out of me. Not because I actually thought that Facebook was about to use my profile’s information in order to make a profit without my consent. Not because I thought Facebook was going to cost money to use. And most importantly, the hoax did not scare me because of the sudden notice (sarcasm) that Facebook was now a public entity. (Facebook went public in 2012).

The Facebook Hoax scared me because people believed it and shared it. I wasn’t so frightened by the fact that they missed some very clear context clues which should have been red flags about the hoax’s fallacies. Rather, I was frightened, and I still am frightened, that this was the thing that the masses chose to become passionate about.

This fake Facebook privacy conflict was taken as such a potential violation of people’s “rights” that people who almost never post on the Social Network were all of the sudden defending their empty timeline’s rights. Yet, very few people give a HOOT about the ways in which their own government is taking their rights away everyday by using actual laws. Let’s look at New Jersey, since of course, this website is supposed to have something to do with the state.

The New Jersey Legislature is attempting to sell off public water systems to private companies without the consent of a referendum vote.

Public School Districts are being taken over by the state, and then dismantled and sold to the highest bidding corporate charter organization.

An entire Police department was fired without the consent of the citizens in order to bust a union. (The Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled this act to be unconstitutional, three years after the fact.)

One committee has handed out over $1 Billion worth of tax credits, that you worked to create, to large companies with connections to political insiders. This type of stuff is why you still need to live with your parents when you are 25, because you can’t afford it.

All of this is happening while our roads crumble into pebbles, our bridges near collapse, poverty grows, AND ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS OUR FREAKING RIGHTS TO OUR FACEBOOK CONTENT.

I hate to be the writer that slaps young people in the face, but someone needs to do it because young people really do have so much untapped power. Post a political status. Share a petition. Post a meme of a politician. I beg you, as a fellow millennial, to work towards correcting your priorities and to pay attention to your government, or else you may have to fight for other kinds of rights, real rights, after it is too late.

And another thing. Yes, another thing. It really is okay to show that you care about other people. I say this only because I’ve noticed that the majority of people who I know that shared the stupid hoax paid no mind to the shooting that occurred today in Oregon. This was the 294th mass shooting in the United States this year


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