Camden Parents Want Full Control

A Facebook video has gone viral in the Camden community. The video, shared to the internet by NJ Communities United, announces that Camden parents will hold a city-wide “speak out” on September 22nd at 10am, at 122 North Broad Street. Within 2 hours, the video has received more than 700 views.

The parents demand full local control of the Camden Public Schools, and an immediate halt to the expansion of renaissance and charter schools, and they also call for the resignation of Paymon Rouhanifard. Rouhanifard is the Superintendent of Camden’s Public Schools, who was appointed by Governor Christie by way of the state’s takeover of the school district.

According to some city organizers, the video and the cause have not been met with welcoming arms. Allegedly, Mr. Rouhanifard has begun to call city leaders in order to attempt to halt the circulation of the video and denounce the speak-out. Who knows for certain?


What is important and true, though, is that it does appear that Camden has found it’s digital voice. I’m sure that Camden will audibly show it’s voice on Tuesday. But for now, this Cherry Hill writer is listening excitedly, and I say, GO CAMDEN GO! Get your voices heard!


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