My Petition To Live Well & My Petition For Adjustment

MIT claims that a living wage in New Jersey would result in an hourly wage of $12.51. I’ve started a brand new petition that aims to make New Jersey lawmakers reevaluate its minimum wage policy, and truly tie it to the cost of living. My petition shows a difference between the referendum from 2013 and the law that became reality. New Jersey’s minimum wage is currently adjusted to annual increases in the consumer price index, yet the language that appeared on the ballot read, “The amendment also requires annual increases in that rate if there are annual increases in the cost of living”. 

According to the United States Department of Labor, a cost of living index, “differs in important ways” from the consumer price index since it takes account of living expenses such as rent and transportation to work.

New Jersey’s current minimum wage is set at $8.38 per hour under the adjustment to the consumer price index.

You can view and sign my petition below:

-Brian K. Everett


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