Renewing Camden With Workouts

One of Camden City’s issues, which usually takes a back seat to the highlights of crushing poverty, government corruption, and crime, is the health of the residents. The city has been labeled a food desert due to the lack of any brand-name grocery store. It is very difficult for residents to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats in their city due to scarcity. What is common, though, is sugar and grease. Fast food chains populate the majority of the food business in Camden, so when people need to eat, and for cheap, these locations are frequently visited in the city. Because of these unfortunate circumstances in Camden, many adults and children suffer from diabetes and obesity.

One program, though, seems to be taking a very modern and grassroots approach to helping their own neighbors in Camden. Joseph Wanamaker is the founder of the Renew Camden Movement. Since August of 2014, this Camden resident has sought to provide free boot-camp-styled workouts to residents of all ages. Wanamaker says his vision is as the program states. “I want to help Renew the City of Camden through nutrition, fitness, and mindset development”, he says. “Also, to change negative mindsets into positive mindsets and followers into leaders in our community all through the partnership of Herbalife.”


The Renew Camden workouts take place Monday through Friday from 9:00am-10:15am at Pyne Point Park. The Movement also offers an evening workout on Wednesday’s from 6:30pm-7:45pm, as well as a weekend workout on Saturday morning at 8:30am at Reverend Evers Park.


Wanamaker says that his program has seen 94 participants come to the park for one workout, with 95% of them being Camden residents. “I find it specifically important for me to get the City of Camden up and moving because we are looked upon as the #1 Most Dangerous City and Poverty Stricken City in America. This is my home and the place that I feel most comfortable. The mission is to change the obesity rate within the community by spreading the importance of healthy lifestyles .” He also adds, “My goal is to have the City of Camden and governmental offices aware of this powerful and positive movement”.

Those who are interested can sign up for workouts by showing up, or by emailing Joseph at

Perhaps I will be heading to Pyne Point Park for a few mornings myself!

Find the movement on Facebook and Instagram.



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