Tailgating in Camden? Know These Five Waterfront Restaurants

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into tailgating at the SBC. I mean, you need to buy beverages, pack a cooler, buy ice, collect your friends, and then panic about the sunscreen that your fair-skinned-self forgot on a hot June afternoon.
Let’s not forget about that one friend, that everyone has, who takes tailgating way too seriously. Yeah, that one, who is lying face down on the blacktop after just two hours of being there, and is begging for carby-pizza to save their life. Well, if you can relate to these situations, whether you forgot the sunscreen or you just NEED FOOD NOW, don’t worry. You don’t have to leave Camden and drive back home. Here are five places to eat, right next to your tailgate, all serving up some of the best food and drinks in South Jersey.
Not sure when you’ll be tailgating on the Camden Waterfront? Here’s a list of upcoming concerts at the Susquehanna Bank Center.
The assumed area of tailgating is within the blue outline. The aforementioned places to eat are the green circles. 711 is the purple circle.
The assumed area of tailgating is within the blue outline. Market Street is the red line. The following places to eat are the green circles.
711 is the purple circle.
I won’t pretend to be a professional pizza connoisseur, but since I’ve lived in South Jersey for 22 years, it’s safe to say that I know a good pizza from the bad, defrosted, roller-rink stuff. Therefore, I’ll say that Market Street Pizza is definitely comparable to The Famous King of Pizza in Cherry Hill. Now that’s saying something! Market Street Pizza is just half a block away from the parking lots, so it isn’t a far walk at all. Prepare yourself for huge selection of pizza varieties. (This is where you go to resurrect your carb-begging friend!)
Literally, they’re next door to Market Street Pizza. Don’t worry about not having prepared a lunch; Fresh Mex is better than anything you could have made in your kitchen before coming to Camden’s Waterfront.  Burrito fan? They make them. Vegetarian? You’re welcome. Hungry as hell and need another fat burrito? You’re welcome again.
A fine, sit-down, family-like atmosphere, with a breathtaking view of the Philadelphia Skyline. You should go to the Victor if you’re too hot, but you still want another drink. Their bar is pretty stocked with domestic and craft beers, and they can make some mean mixed drinks too. Where is this place? Oh, it overlooks the parking lot you were just in. Go check them out!
Again, this place is literally next door to Market Street Pizza. You should check out Market Gourmet if you’re looking to grab something quick and head back to your tailgate. They have a holy plethora of chilled sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks, which is something that’s important to remember when you know it’s totally time to re-hydrate. Plus, they have snacks. All of the munchies you could think of, they’ve probably got them. They also have a fantastic deli in the back, so you can get a spicy Italian hoagie too.
This restaurant is perfect for your family and friends if you’d like a delicious seafood dinner before the show. Located one block further than our other options, Mylestone provides chicken, seafood, and sandwich options all at the price of $15 or less! Check them out at 321 Market Street, and if you have the time, give their shrimp scampi a try!
Since you’ve read about these five options, I’ll give you some bonus restaurants, just for reading this article.
Located on Third Street, Slice of New York is a great place to go, just three blocks from your tailgate. If the lines on Market Street are too long, get yourself a slice of NY style pizza, or even get a sub!
7. 711
Remember how you forgot to bring that sunscreen? 711 can hook you up, all while you get some extra snacks. You’re welcome. Located at the corner of 4th and Cooper!
Located at the foot of City Hall on Market Street, this spicy eatery cooks up some of the finest Latin American food in the region. I’ll swear by their barbecue chicken and fried platanos. Check them out during the week; you can get a ton of food for just $6!
Keep these places in mind the next time you tailgate a concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center. There truly are some delicious and welcoming places for you and your friends to eat in Camden. The best part about these restaurants, unlike concert season, is that they’re open all year long!
Always tailgate responsibly!!!

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