Camden Shouldn’t Tolerate 92.5 XTU’s Concert Goers

June 2016 Update: Country Concert Proves Violent, Again

Original Article Below: May 31st, 2015

For years now, the 92.5 XTU concert has been well documented as perhaps the worst day Camden City will see all year. Despite Camden’s notorious label as “The Most Dangerous City in America”, this single concert routinely results in numerous fights, and this year, stabbings too, all of which occupy a significantly greater concentration of the police force than any other violent event in Camden.



6ABC reported a double stabbing in the parking lot, which then sparked the interwebs to associate the violent report as just another crazy thing that happened in Camden, because it’s Camden. Perhaps that is because 6ABC titled their article, “Fight leads to double stabbing in Camden parking lot” rather than, “Fight leads to double stabbing at XTU concert”.


Some Camden residents have had enough of this mental association, and they have every right to be fed up with the negative stigma. image

The comments from 6ABC’s Facebook post show the quick move to judge the event based upon the location, rather than the numerous individuals who engage in violent acts at this concert. The comments also show how some residents will digitally fight back against this stigma.



Also, after watching these graphic videos on Youtube, it seems pretty safe to assume that some of the people who attend these concerts are out of control, not the city the concert is in.

CAUTION: These videos can be very difficult to watch. Parental guidance is strongly suggested.

It isn’t just about the violence and mayhem in the parking lots. Those who attend this concert regularly affect the daily lives of residents in the Cooper Grant neighborhood. In some cases, they were caught urinating in the road or on the Rutgers University dorms in 2012.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.31.44 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.30.31 AM

And in other instances, they have broken public and university property in their drunken stupor.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.31.05 AM

And this is what the parking lot looks like after everyone manages their way home. Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.24.52 AM

More images of XTU neighborhood damage are available here.

So to close, what needs to change?

For one thing, tailgating needs to be forbidden to begin before noon. IDs need to be more regularly checked for underage drinking. XTU and LiveNation need to be held more responsible for the conduct of their fans. The fans need to check themselves, and remember that even though most of the Camden Waterfront is a bunch of open parking lots, there are still people who are trying to live in the neighborhood. Camden City government officials should revisit the pros and cons of allowing this concert to happen again next year.

How quick would these suburban concert-goers call the cops and camp out in Town Hall if a concert was out of control and their Cherry Hill mailbox got destroyed, or if someone urinated on their vehicle in Haddon Heights? Hm.


Late day Disclaimer: All photos used in this post, before and after edits, have been taken from the Internet. If it’s “google-able”, anyone can find it.


113 thoughts on “Camden Shouldn’t Tolerate 92.5 XTU’s Concert Goers

  1. I just think the whole thing gets way out of hand… yes it’s fun to have a good time But remember RESEPECT …. problems can be solved by not giving Free tickets anymore see way to many ppl selling these tics. Trying to make a quick buck how sad ….. I often wonder how many people that go even listen to country music RANT OVER 🙂 have a great day

  2. This is a absolute disgrace! I used to love going to XTU and now I won’t step foot in that concert bc it’s all a bunch of drunken young punks!

  3. I’m a bit puzzled about the thesis of this post. It seems to suggest that Camden’s negative stigma for crime just comes from one annual Country concert and the things that take place during it. I see no compelling argumentation to convince me Camden’s 1,200+ violent crimes in 2013 and 1,000+ violent crimes in 2014 took place at one of these concerts. And to the people pointing out that the majority of the people in the video are indeed white, the people committing the vast majority of the crime in Camden are not as a simple glance at the demographics of the Camden County Jail in 2009 shows us.

    So why the bait and switch? Why show us a bunch of drunken white people getting in fights and juxtapose that against Camden’s double-digit annual homicide record and massive amounts of violent crime? Again, it’s kind of a slick move and it’s very clever that you’ve set this up in a way where it makes it look like Camden’s biggest problem is a pack of white strangers who cause mayhem amongst themselves every year, but I don’t think you’re naive enough to actually believe that. Disingenuous enough, perhaps.

    1. Hi,
      The thesis of this post was supposed to show how the stabbing, the stabbing, was immediately associated with Camden, instead of the XTU tailgate or the visitors to the city. I’m sorry if this post made you believe that I intended to make it sound as though this one concert accounts for Camden’s entire negative stigma. That’s not my intention at all.


      1. I generally ignore anybody dumb enough to use capslock sincerely on the internet, but I feel compelled to point out that the virtually all of Camden’s 1,000+ violent crimes in 2014 did not take place at this. As far as Camden’s problems go, this concert is number 1,001 on the list. I find it disingenuous to adopt an attitude of mock horror that other people might behave badly in your city when it’s quite evident that the residents of Camden are perfectly alright with living in a lawless, rapidly degenerating land of criminality and violence. Now, given the reading level your comment was composed at, I assume you’re going to need a dictionary to figure out what I’ve said.

        Also, you want some “TRUTH” on race, go ahead and have it. This dose comes to you courtesy of Obama’s Department of Justice, led by Eric Holder.

        On page 12 you’ll note the homicide rates by race. Blacks commit more than 52% of all homicides in the US (whites at 47%). Whites commit less than the number given as Hispanics are included under “whites.” Additionally, blacks constitute only 12 percent of the population. Given your reading level, I suppose I’m going to have to explain the significance of this to you. A population that is as small as the tenth of the the country (smaller if you take into account most of the killings are by black men aged 14-35) does half the killing in the country. Almost 197 million white Americans kill 7 percent less people than 38 million black Americans (15 million if we follow the young black male demographic).

        The “TRUTH” is that crime in this country does have a color, and a lot of people seem to be insecure about it, hence all the carrying on about one stupid annual concert with drunk white people doing dumb and violent things giving a war-torn decaying wasteland a bad name rather than the fact its own citizens are turning it into a third world city.

    3. Wow. I think they were talking about the concert and what goes on and how its put in the media, well to get to my point your an idiot! 🙂 have a nice day.

      1. your an idiot!

        Always good to get an expert opinion. Also, my point is that by blowing the events of the concert out of proportion and juxtaposing them against Camden’s well-deserved reputation as a nuke-magnet of a city, he was attempting to covertly imply white strangers are the worst thing about this ridiculous excuse for a functional urban environment. The problem with Camden is the same as the problem with Philadelphia, Chester, Baltimore, Cleveland, Memphis, Detroit, etc. It has a criminal underclass that shares a rather dubious demographical commonality. But noticing that is racist.

        But I’m happy to know that while you also can’t pick up on irony very well, you are also puzzled by homonyms. Which of our nation’s fine urban schools were you raised in?

    4. I agree 100 percent with your comment… I have been to these shows in the past (not in the past few years, but in the past) and never had a problem… enjoyed the concerts tremendously, and met a lot of really nice people. Perhaps what they should do is ban the parking lot parties before/after and that would cut down a lot on the problems. afterall, if you are there to see the concert itself, which should be enough entertainment, why do you need to tailgate before or after? just my opinion. 🙂

  4. Concert goers shouldn’t have to deal with camden residents circling the perimeter of parking lots, selling drugs either

    1. So, who do you think are responsible for keeping drug dealers in business? Who are buying the drugs in Camden all the other 364 days of the year? You think drug dealers who reside in Camden aren’t selling to NON-Camden residents every weekend? So the actual people buying drugs have no responsibility in the matter? Typical suburbanite mentality.

      Bottom line, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

      Funny, one of the richest communities in this state/country is 5 miles from one of the poorest.


    2. Did u ask them for I’d proff of residence you positive they were all city residents, why do you imagine they were city residents?

  5. They need more trash cans and more bathrooms and possible more security and non of those things will be as big of an issue anymore. Simple

    1. I agree with you 100%. I have been to several concerts in Camden and this is a major issue. Once you leave the parking lot to walk to the venue. You won’t see a Portable toilet anywhere. Also you can see in the photo of the parking lot that there is minimal trash cans and most are full. People can be slobs, but when your left with no choice what do you do?

  6. Dude, this happens at literally every concert that is tailgated in general, along with sports games tailgating..

    1. Your claim that this happens at every concert or sporting event is not true at all caitlyn…the fact of the matter is the Camden city police and Live Nation security cracked down hard on the Phish concert which happened only a week or so later a few years back. I walked around the Phish lot for 4 or 5 hours and can honestly say I did NOT see a single fight or act of violence. I was fortunate enough to leave the concert with a souvenir though…a ticket for public drinking. Now I’m not going to say that I didn’t deserve the ticket. I was walking around in broad daylight with a red cup full of beer, but I’d like to think I was being pretty responsible otherwise. I also wonder how many of the douchers in the fighting videos wound up without any kind of drinking ticket or having to come back to Camden city court (which is a nightmare as I’m sure you all can imagine).

      Also I’ve been to plenty of Eagles games and I don’t recall things ever getting this out of control.

      Finally if they are going to give these tickets out for free they might as well give out some free t-shirts. Looks like all of the suburbanites lost their shirts in their mad lust for shitty country music

      1. It’s pretty lame that you guys are controlling free speech by moderating this board…all of my points are valid but will probably be censored because my language is “foul” or “inappropriate”.

      2. Hi,
        It is lame, but this is technically a wordpress website, and unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to disable that function. Sorry. But anyways I’ve approved every comment this far

  7. Wakeup people the reason 676 coming towards camden and the building of the concert wasn’t for us the people of camden .how many concerts a year that pertains to us like jazz,blues,soul,r@b,or hip hop compare to there heavy metal,redneck,hillbilly,redneck ok n roll they take all the suburbanites kids that don’t have woods to go into and burn up because of development, 676 takes them straight thru camden they raise there hell and go back home it was design for that purpose what ever other townships don’t want put it in camden this is all because of our leadership past to present mayors getting rich off the backs and lives of the people of camden

  8. Really? You are putting a few videos of a bunch of drunken hillbilly’s beating the hell out of each other and saying this is what Camden needs to concentrate on? Are you fucking kidding me? How about when my car was broken into on two separate occasions while I was attending Rutgers? Or when my friends car was stolen out of the “secured” lot? Let’s go to and use some of their statistics, shall we? In 2012 (the most recent year available on that site) there were 1,494.4 violent crimes in Camden compared to an average of 214 nation wide. That includes 67 murders, 74 rapes, 755 robberies, 1097 assaults, 1089 burglaries, 2214 thefts…but I am sure that at least 90% of them occur at the XTU Concert. We shouldn’t concentrate on getting a stronger police presents, or shutting down the 100’s of functioning open air drug corners, nor should we address the prostitutes on Federal street. We shouldn’t concentrate on the schools, or the dilapidation of the building and vacant lots. We should blame it on a concert and a bunch of drunken morons. There are plenty of pictures of drunken fools pissing and fighting but why aren’t there any pictures or videos of the rapes, robberies, murders, or thefts? Because that person taking the image would surly be killed or delt with by the criminals perpetrating those crimes. But yeah, lets shut down a concert.
    Now, I’ll give you this…I have been to that show and have seen enough violence there that I will never attend….I do agree with you to a degree. That being said, to even begin to elude that this is a legitimate problem or even one in the top ten issues that needs to be addressed in Camden shows a total and complete lack of common sense and understanding of the city your are trying to write about.This article is fucking atrocious. The points made are reaching and poorly stitched together. I bet you are a Yankees fan and voted for both Bush and Obama. Get your head out of your ass.

    1. agreed… everything you said makes absolute sense to me. hey, I say if they don’t want the concert there anymore, have it somewhere else… and see how much it affects the crime rate in Camden the following year or whenever the statistics come out! LOL

  9. I went to 2 XTU anniversary concerts and those videos are why I no longer attend. It is nothing but a bunch of young people that don’t know how to drink that have been drinking all day. That is the only reason they go. They do not go for the actual concert, they go to drink. I agree that the free tickets must stop, I think it might cut down on a lot of problems but not sure. I usually go to the Kenny Chesney concert at the Lincoln Financial field. They don’t seem to have as many problems but you also see the Philadelphia Police riding their horses thru all the parking lots. Not sure what the solution is but its a shame that these young people are ruining it.

  10. Brian biggest accomplishment in his life will be he got 10,000 shares on his little article. Clapping)))Bravo good for you kid. This is the biggest accomplishment in your life. Use old footage & popular problem everyone loves to focus on for free publicity. Look at the whole picture. What is Rutgers teaching these kids. Bravo 22 and you still need to grow up.

  11. Notice guys videoing fight are black saying world star hip hop wonder if this was all instigated by them to video to tty to say white ppl are out of control then they leave and are standing on corner selling heroin which every street almost in camden has dealers everywere u cant even get off the train at transpertation center without 50 blks harrasing you to buy drugs from them

  12. Hi everyone. Now to get right to the point the best thing about America is the freedom of speech so I respect everyones comments. but t0 single out one concert on Camden is crazy. drive down back roads late night in Camden with your windows down and really observe what is going on around you. so to single out one single night compared to all the fights the hookers the drugs the robberies why is none of that being considered? and to single out the whites did anyone notice the colored guys in the back round. I attended the concert last night and had an amazing time no problems nor confrontations. and as for the trash in the parking lot before you talk about that why don’t you go to Atco raceway on pouerto rican day or Honda day after u observe all the trash on the ground then drive around to local wawas and see what those parking lots look like. And while your at it why don’t you stick around to see all the African American fights and all other races. So not only all the trash and fights at the raceway the people from Camden and Newyork they take it in front of families and kids that are just stopping at a friendly wawa are seeing these crimes and dirtbags throwing trash and fighting and that’s not even a huge drinking problem that’s sad that’s them sober. You sit there and trash white country boys at a concert but Camden comes out here and does the same if not worst sober at a racing event which carries into various surrounding towns. So instead of just looking at statistics why don’t you ride around and check out all the other illegal activity that people don’t get caught for. Actually if you think its us so bad walk down some dark back roads in Camden by yourself with your little camera on so we can see how those drug dealers react to a camera. And please do share your video and include shots of the street names your going down because if you know Camden so well you know the streets I am talking about. I don’t approve of the stabbing but don’t judge the whole event. if a fist gets thrown then guess what. REALITY your at a concert!

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