Pump My Own Gas? How About NO?

In the most snide tone imaginable, I must say that I’m not surprised. During a time in which New Jersey is among just three states in our entire country to not display any sign of job growth, we have a New Jersey legislator proposing a bill which would kill thousands of jobs. Brilliant.

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, R-Monmouth, wants to introduce a bill to the legislature which would phase in a self-service gas program, thus eliminating the need for gas station attendants.

What is his reason for doing so?

Well, 6ABC reports O’Scanlon’s reasoning to lay with “inconvenient waits at the pump” under the current law which forbids consumers to pump their own gas.

Perhaps some of us in New Jersey have waited too long  for an attendant to return, but honestly, I do feel safer with an attendant running the show at a gas station. I need that attendant to tell the other, less intelligent consumers, to not smoke while pumping gas. I need that attendant to tell the less intelligent consumers to turn off their car while refueling. I need that attendant to properly fill portable containers so that no static explosions occur.

The strangest part about New Jersey’s gas station legacy is that despite the requirement of a paid attendant, our gas is regularly the cheapest in the region! How does that even happen? IT’S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

New Jersey needs to keep these jobs intact, since the market for low-skill jobs dwindle by the day in our state, and the unemployment rate is already very high. We need O’Scanlon to not kill off thousands of New Jersey jobs because of his impatience at the pump!


Why now, man? Why now?! We’re hurtin’ for work here!

We need to let him know that we would really rather not pump our own gas.

Unless, of course, you really do want to get out of your car, open the tank, push the right buttons, walk inside to make a cash payment, come back out and begin filling, close the tank, and then go back to driving.

Because that wouldn’t take too long….


One thought on “Pump My Own Gas? How About NO?

  1. I am so glad I found this!

    I thought I was the only one in quiet outrage about this.

    If you have twitter, you should twit this guy and await his response.

    He definitely has some insurance company lobbyist in his pockets, for they are the only group that will benefit from this legislation.


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