Setting The Record Straight: The Radio Lofts In Camden

It’s time for me to reclaim this story and to set the record straight.

Recently, there has been some news coverage concerning the Radio Lofts building in Camden, New Jersey. The first article from this past week was written by Alison Steele of Within her story, the focus was placed on the lack of funds available to remediate the building. The costs of remediation are apparently what have held this project up for more than a decade. I was very happy that Alison took the charge to continue to let this story survive in the mainstream media, but I felt a need to reach out to Alison. I believe that a more recent series of events has unfolded, and in my opinion, the building may be more dangerous than we’ve been led to believe.

opra.2004 001

I wanted Alison to be aware of a 2004 city document that cites the building to be a threat to human safety due to falling debris and significant cracks. This document, though, is especially significant because it calls for the curb lanes of Cooper and 2nd Streets to be closed. Obviously, no road has been closed, since the RiverLine regularly runs along the curb lane of Cooper Street. Are these passengers in danger? It seems like they are, indeed.

The second article that surfaced this week was written by James Jennings of I engaged in a twitter fury with phillymag after reading this article, because according to what James has reported in his article, the Radio Lofts building has been, “Deemed structurally sound by city officials and not dangerous“.

That is absolutely false, and whichever city official James may or may not have spoken to should be fired, since there is a holy plethora of documentation citing this building to be a daily threat to human safety for the past 11 years.

I understand that politicians will generally mislead the public when they’re about to look bad, but when any Joe Schmoe, when sitting and waiting for the RiverLine, can have his head smashed in, it is absolutely immoral and inappropriate to mislead the media, and the public, into thinking that there is no danger at all.

I have the copies of several city citations against this building. It is not to be left up to opinion whenever a journalist approaches “city officials”.

Now that I’ve set the record straight, here is a photo-recap of the Radio Lofts saga.


August 6th, 2014. I took pictures of the Radio Lofts’ condition and published them.

Radio Lofts OPRA 6 001

Radio Lofts OPRA 1 001

September 11, 2014. Radio Lofts ordered to be demolished and sidewalks ordered to be closed by August 29th, 2014. Yes, the dates appear to have been backdated.


September 11th, 2014. Visible proof that no fence has been erected to close off sidewalks, despite city ordinance.


September 18th, 2014. Fences at last are erected. No signage provided to warn passerby’s of dangers.

opra.2004 001

March 13th, 2014. Obtained a 2004 City Document indicating that the building poses a threat to the extent of Cooper and 2nd Streets in the curb lanes.


March 13th, 2014. I took this picture showing the damage that has already been cause to the RiverLine station.

Side note: I find it really hard to believe that this project is being held up only due to monetary issues, all while billions of dollars in tax dollars are being pumped into Camden so that already-profiting business can relocate to Camden. Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Setting The Record Straight: The Radio Lofts In Camden

  1. Billions of dollars aren’t being pumped into camden. That one-liner is often repeated as a blanketed retort to any number of comments. The money coming into camden is for very specific uses. The radio lofts building is structurally unstable. It’s contaminated beyond belief (as is the victor building.,..still). And, most importantly, the development proformas do not support any development options at this time. Money aside, the overruling argument has nothing to do with politics or money. It has to do with the market. More specifically, the complete lack of demand and supporting market conditions for any development of radio building 8. The building should be demolished, and the lot should be developed to its highest and best use. Period.

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