Tread Carefully, Mr. Oligarchy

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I wouldn’t give it too much longer before the national media flocks to Camden, especially if the actions of The Oligarchy do not change.

You see, The Oligarchy has repeatedly made decisions for Camden by force.

The Oligarchy decided that Camden could no longer govern itself in 2002, and all executive decisions were then made by Trenton.

The Oligarchy decided that Camden could not have its own Police Department, so the County Force was born.

The Oligarchy decided that Camden could no longer control its public schools, so Rouhanifard was given a title.

The Oligarchy decided that basketball was more important than food, so the 76ers stay for free in Camden, but ShopRite pays full price.

The Oligarchy decided that private charter schools could take over public schools, and silent majorities are apparently taken seriously in a democracy.

Just like the Oligarchy may already know, Occupy Wall Street was a real movement. It was born out of necessity and greed.

It was born because we the people felt so powerless and we had next to nothing left to lose. Therefore, we took to the streets, raised some hell, and some of us got arrested.

Poverty already implies not having much, and now in Camden it is as if the last thing that most Camden residents had left to their names has been forcibly taken; their voice.

With nothing left to lose, by feeling powerless, by no longer having so much as a voice, an Occupy Camden Movement honestly does not sound very farfetched, does it?

The Oligarchy needs to realize that humans still live here in Camden, and this is still supposed to be a democracy within America.

If the Oligarchy fails to acknowledge its overreach of power, and if it refuses to change, well, then the Oligarchy may indirectly overthrow its own effigy.

For citizens, silence is an enemy, and for the Oligarchy, forcing silence will simply rally the demons of the majority’s soul.


“Silence is the enemy”


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