RT 70: A Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake

By the sheer grace of a higher power, there are real plans to resurface perhaps the worst stretch of road in South Jersey. Route 70, from it’s intersection of Route 38 through Cropwell Road, is scheduled to undergo an immense planning process. I’m not lying, I promise! Read it here on page 31.
Aside from getting resurfaced, the plan for 70 includes improving the storm drain system, improving curbs and sidewalks, and implementing a better traffic signal program.
This is fantastic news for South Jersey residents, since 70 is essentially one of maybe three main arteries that lead into the cities of Camden and Center City Philadelphia. It is currently regarded as, and I quote, “HELL”.
There is one big issue though. Resurfacing on Route 70 is not scheduled to begin any earlier than 2019, and the current state of the road is absolutely deplorable. Please view the following video, by which I show the equivalence between driving on Route 70 and a Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake.
This article is not to act as an ungrateful constituent, not at all. This article is simply to draw attention to the fact that South Jersey commuters cannot wait four more years for a resurfacing project.
This is an issue of public safety, and resurfacing efforts need to be expedited in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Our cars and tires cannot survive the current winter on Route 70, let alone three more before something is done.
Route 70 is unique in the way that it is not plagued so much by potholes, but rather it suffers from age, disinvestment, and random elevated logs of asphalt that are pretty much curbs in the middle of a highway.
I’m certain that the state legislators of the Sixth District would agree that immediate action is necessary for a road in such shameful condition within their jurisdiction.
Even though this road exists outside of the Fifth Legislative District, I am still certain that the D5 legislators would also appreciate an expedited effort to fix a main artery that leads directly into a city they are trying to bring back.
The money that will be allocated for this project will come from a federal grant totaling almost $40 million. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if Congressman Donald Norcross (D1-NJ) sought to expedite this project in order to benefit his constituents, and, in order to support his previous work in Camden City by providing a safe gateway into the Camden Waterfront.
But just to be sure that the legislators share your concerns, give them a phone call every now and again. Tell them you are tired of driving on a washboard desert.

2 thoughts on “RT 70: A Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake

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