The Radio Lofts: Shedding In Winter’s Cold

I vividly remember a phone conversation I had with Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Kevin Riordan, by which I explained to him that repairs needed to be made to the decrepit building before the winter came. I argued that as the weather provides conditions for the thawing and refreezing of precipitation, the cracks that cover the Radio Lofts building will expand, resulting in more pieces of masonry falling to the ground below.

Well, it has not been that cold for too long, but the building has already begun to toss pieces of itself to the ground again.

This reality presents a few issues:

01/13/15 2:00PM
01/13/15 2:30PM

As seen above, pieces of the Radio Lofts building have fallen beyond the “protective” fence which was erected in September ’14 due to a city ordinance that was issued in August ’14.

Radio Lofts OPRA 1 001

01/13/15 2:30PM
01/13/15 2:30PM

The brick shown above is very much an issue due to its size and its proximity to the RiverLine station which sits at the foot of the building. Following the closure of the sidewalk, I wrote to NJ Transit on September 24th in order to suggest the closure of the Northbound Cooper Street station. I figured, since the station sits upon a sidewalk deemed dangerous, well, then by default I thought the station was in danger of falling objects as well. See below:



However, my inquiry was forwarded to the appropriate department, seemingly to no avail since it remains open:



I would think that the last thing a RiverLine customer wants as they wait for the train on a cold day is to be whacked in the head by a falling brick.

01/13/15 2:30PM

Some pieces, even though they are within the protective fence, are larger than the ones that lay outside of the fence. I hope that further precautions are taken as the winter grows colder and icier. I wouldn’t want to see….

01/13/15 2:30PM
01/13/15 2:30PM

… pieces of this size causing anyone harm this year, like they clearly could have in the past.



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