Pope Francis Taught Camden a Lesson

-A recount of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States-

Following the mass he led on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Pope Francis amazed the world with his actions. He held true to the values that caught the world’s eye while he was known as an Argentinian Cardinal, and he led a crowd of more than 10,000 people over the walkway of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and into Camden City.

Pope Francis held another sermon from the steps of Camden’s City Hall, and he began by blessing the nameless who remain unseen in the public eye. He blessed the hungry, the addicted, the homeless, the prostitutes, and the violent. He spoke in what sounded to be a vengeful voice, loud enough to be heard by God in the heavens.

“There is no rationale which appropriately justifies this city’s existence in the Earth’s wealthiest nation!”, the Pope cried. “While the children remain hungry, and the wealthy eat first, we as a people will never progress!”.

Then, Pope Francis pointed towards Philadelphia, and asked the mass of people, “How can it be that one river has determined who will live in luxury, and who will die in poverty? As people of God, it is our mission to guide the right side of this river into stable life! It can no longer be our first action to give to the wealthy before our children are safe.”

As local law makers of New Jersey became aware of the Pope’s unexpected visit to Camden, several representatives assembled to the side of City Hall’s steps in order to show their presence.

Following the arrival of New Jersey’s Governor, who joined municipal and state lawmakers, the Pope pointed directly towards the assembly of power. “No longer can the world survive a governance that omits the voices of those who suffer! No longer should the wealthy live in free houses while the poor do not have houses at all!”. Tears could then be seen on the faces of so many in the crowd, and even on the face of Camden’s mayor.

Many speculated afterwards that Pope Francis was referring to more than $1 Billion dollars in tax credits given to already profiting corporations in return for their relocation to Camden City.

After the seemingly direct message to New Jersey’s law makers, the Pope moved forward and kissed the face of a homeless teenager, and proceeded to walk to the waterfront facing Philadelphia.

Pope Francis paused at the construction site of what will become the new home of the Philadelphia 76’ers practice facility, and he fell to his knees for prayer. Upon doing so, a white pigeon was noticed to the right hand of the Pope. Before leaving the site, the Pope removed his shoes, leaving him barefoot, and proceeded to walk back over the bridge, and then he was transported to the airport in order to leave the country.

Considering everything that Pope Francis has spoken for, and everything that he stands for in the eyes of Catholics across the world, his visit to Camden should have been expected, considering the city’s rate of impoverishment, and proximity to Philadelphia.


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