Systemic Suburban Problems Fixed in Camden

New Jersey is currently facing a few intense battles. While most battles are currently economic, there is also the growing battle of heroin in the Garden State. For the most part, New Jersey residents are surprisingly just as aware as the government is about the severity of the heroin epidemic that is sweeping through. For example, New Jersey legislators have passed some fantastic legislation equipping 911 responders and residents with narcan, a drug used to reverse the side effects of opiate drug overdoses. This legislation has and continues to save lives in New Jersey. However, despite several suburban areas being named as top heroin abusers, methadone clinics are being located elsewhere.

For example, Cherry Hill has a very significant heroin problem. This is a statement of both local knowledge and state data. So therefore, I must beg a question of common sense.

methadone.placement   In Camden County, 2 clinics are located in the downtown area of Camden City, and one clinic is listed to exist on the boarder of Pennsauken and Camden City.


Why are the closest methadone clinics to Cherry Hill located within the same neighborhoods where Cherry Hill, and other suburban addicts previously bought their heroin? I understand that Cherry Hill, as a township, tries very hard to subdue what would be considered “bad press”. But when it comes down to reality, sometimes it is best to simply own what makes up your town. Build a methadone clinic in Cherry Hill! It would pretty much just be Cherry Hill residents going to a clinic, in Cherry Hill!

It is also unfair that another fix to a suburban problem has been shipped off to Camden. What other problems, you ask, have been shipped to Camden?

1. Camden County’s Trash to Steam Plant 2. The entire County’s Sewage 3. A cement grinder 4. A metal recycling plant 5. 76.8% of Camden County’s affordable housing units. And now, it seems like Camden County has graciously given Camden City two out of three locations for methadone treatments.


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