Almost Complete Safety


As an extremely regular visitor to the City of Camden, I am very pleased that after three weeks and five days, a fence has at last been partially erected beneath the Radio Lofts building at Second and Cooper Streets.

I am concerned, though, as to why it took such an extremely long and drawn out process to simply prevent the public from risking serious injury by walking near the deteriorating building.

Due to how long it took for the city government to half-act on it’s own ordinance to close the sidewalks, I wonder how long it will take to completely close them, as the city’s own ordinance demands.

Radio Lofts OPRA 1 001

The city ordinance, date August 29th, calls for the complete closure of the sidewalks, both length and width, along the distance of the building plus 15 additional feet. That same ordinance, from my perspective at least, encompasses the RiverLine station.


The train station does sit higher above what is normally walked upon as a sidewalk. This fact unfortunatley does not create some sort of force field that would shield a RiverLine passenger from falling debris.


I know that closing the northbound Cooper Street location would be very inconvenient, but so is a brick crashing into someone’s skull, followed by copious amounts of liability issues.

If the City of Camden’s code enforcement officials would end up taking another three weeks to extend the protective fence, I would then urge the NJ Transit and RiverLine officials to take action on their own station in order to protect their riders.

This issue is not one of opinion due to the city’s own documentation of the building presently being a danger to human life. This is the reality that exists on Cooper Street.


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